Review of Saw 3-D

I have to say, I was never a fan of the Saw movies. I detested most of the films.
The first one left me feeling disappointed because I jokingly called the “twist.” about quarter way into the film.

Since then, none of the twist had been all that great. They where all sort of lame. I hated the MTV style cutting of the film series and so much more.

I didn’t even want to watch Saw 7 because of my dislike of most of the series. Watching the other 5 films gave me appreciation of the original more than I started out with. I seemed to like every other sequel in this franchise. So overall, the films I didn’t entirely hate would be: 1,3 and 5. I hated 2 (but liked some of the innovative cinematography) 4 and 6.

The last one forced the social commentary of how bad health insurance is down our throats.

This film however, turned it around.

It started out rather tame. Two guys chained to saws with the Succubus of Damocles hanging over them. I was thinking to myself, yet another lame trap. Yay, another crappy Saw film. By the time the opening was over, I had changed my tune.

The people stopping to watch is such great social commentary on the world in which we live. People who do nothing to stop horrific acts of violence. One woman tried to stop it. Everyone else? They where recording it with their cellphones, which would surely be uploaded to YouTube as soon as the money shot was recorded.

This is the world in which we live. We’re all connected to technology, but completely disconnected from one another. Which is ironic, given how we’re spouse to be more connected with this technology. If it doesn’t happen online, does it happen at all?

It’s an interesting question that could be posed.

Then we go to the Bobby Dagen character plugging his book on a talk show. He is a survivor of Jigsaw’s game.

The Dagen character isn’t really needed, although for fans of The Boondock Saints, you’ll be happy with Sean Patrick Flanery’s performance.

After that, we thrust into another part of the story. The police now know that Detective Hoffman has been continuing Jigsaw’s legacy.

So now we’re set up for the two main storyline, that being the inevitable game Mr. Dagen will have to play and Jill trying to put a stop to the games, once and for all.

Some people had a problem with the kills in this film. I found them quite enjoyable in the simplicity of most of them.

Chester from Linkin Park has a memorable scene in the film with a domino effect trap. Not that dominoes where used, rather, the trap set off a series of events, much like dominoes.

The dream sequence death of Jill was really cool. Plus, as a bonus, you got to see Betsy Russell in nothing but a long pink tank-top. For an older woman, she is very beautiful.

The long, drawn out game, while done before, wasn’t horrible. The three traps corresponded to the Three Wise Monkeys. “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.”

We’re even treated to a BBQ towards the end.

Detective Hoffman goes Rambo on a bunch of people with a knife. Very reminiscent of Halloween, except not as subtle as that series. Costas Mandylor has the perfect build to play Micheal Myers, though. He reminds me of Kane Hodder, who played Jason for quite some time.

The infamous reverse bear trap is back and is fun to watch being used again.

and the ending. This is quite possibly the ending I’ve been waiting to for a Saw film since the first. It connects everything round circle and is very fitting. I loved it.

Overall, to me, this film was exciting and enjoyable and this is from a person who would say, at the end of each film, to just end it all ready.

Sadly, I got my wish, because I would love another one after this giving more screen time to Cary Elwes and Tobin Bell.

I guess everything comes to an end.

Check it out. it isn’t classic cinema, but for the Saw franchise, it was quite enjoyable.